Do You Want To Transform Yourself?

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There is a great book I was given by a member of the analytics team of one of my clients that has 64 short stories, parable like if you will titled:

“How full is your cup?” by JM Sampath. Best Seller List 2012 – Malaysia


It is written and illustrated like that of a children’s book but yet delivers content that inspired me to think about how I handle both personal and business problems, solutions, tactics, accomplishments and failures as well and just as important if not more how I react to it all.

A story that I felt should be shared is page 47 “The Transformation,” which is the story of an Eagle’s transformation process…which I was not aware of.

In the book this story is being told by two people remembering it from when there Grandmother had told it to them.”Eagles enjoy a life of nearly 70 years. But this gift of a long life has not been bestowed upon them; it is a choice they have to make!”

So when an Eagle turns about 40 years old their beaks have grown old and curved, their claws have hardened and their feathers heavy and bulky. If they continue this way they cannot catch prey and will soon DIE!

However if they want to extend their lives, Eagles have a CHOICE to make, by making this CHOICE they will undergo great pain to complete a TRANSFORMATION that will make them live longer…another 30 years or even more.

So the transformation process is (for those that don’t know) is:The Eagles have to fly to the top of a mountain, a mountain that will be their home for the next 5 months.

  • The most painful part of these months is when they have to hit their beaks against the hard rocks until they fall and a new one appears.
  • Now with their new beak they will pull out their old nails and wait for new ones to grow…Patience!
  • The new nails now help them weed out their old feathers.
  • They have TRANSFORMED with a renewed strength and they get to live again.

    We all go through periods in life where we need a “Fresh Start,” the feeling of being recharged and having new found super powers from our experiences, mistakes, successes and heart breaks.

    If this was the option for us to receive that “Fresh Start”…would we climb to that mountain top and start such a process, one that will teach us greater endurance, patience, gratitude and overall strength like that of the Eagle?

    Me well I would have to get over my fear of heights first, ah now I have just realized part of my transformation is eliminating a fear I have.

    Each day is a new day yes but each day is a part in some way, shape or form of the last and the next so we can take a step towards our own Personalized Transformation…maybe a bit less painful as well.

Let’s keep transforming ourselves and flying!


It’s not all moving as fast as we think…

How can we listen anymore it all sounds the same, are you and your team ready to dig…because from services to data you have to get your hands dirty. I hope so but there is a ton of clutter not worth digging through…a total waste of time actually.

My hands have been dirty for 15 plus years and with all the new technology I am still digging in the same dirt…this is not a bad thing.

It means to me there has been more evolution of traditional practices than innovation and new services over the course of this time in the world of B2C marketing…as well as B2B.

I expected this to be in my favor and allow me to grow my new company faster than my last however this has only been partially the case, the other part is there is a lot more noise I am always trying to avoid or at least help companies block out.

When it comes to data there will always be tons of redundancy and reselling, so where is the data really located, managed, segmented and used properly for branding, engagement, retention and acquisition.

There right there is a line “branding, engagement, retention and acquisition” that so many companies use in collateral…including mine.

I remember in the Dark Knight the second film in the trilogy there were random vigilantes trying to be Batman, he saved and advised them a hockey suit just isn’t going to cut it against Gotham’s villains.

So where is the real Batman? He is out there, in the darkness waiting to be needed, he needs to be needed!



The challenge he and Gotham have faced over the years…is he really there to help or is he part of the problem or worse is it all a selfish vendetta to deal with the loss of his parents and releasing that anger.

Valuation versus Revenue and Profits!

What am I trying to say by using this example?

Well one I look for any opportunity to use Batman in a blog post and two because there are a lot of look-a-likes out there and their agendas in my opinion can’t be too grow a client, the experience isn’t there to understand what that even means not to mention the incredibly tough emphasis on valuations.

Snapchat is following in the footsteps of many successful app and B2C product companies and that is hiring from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. The combination of these senior executives with young entrepreneurs has worked in the past and will continue to work.

This problem has not been amplified in the B2B start-up sector (yet) because the world is 90% plus focused on B2C services, products, apps etc. and new technology in consumer mobile, the generation working on this is the right generation they grew up on these devices and relationships via these apps.

I am not going to get into valuations, Mark Cuban does that much better than I can with his blog post here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The marketing world needs to be more agile, more ready and a lot less handcuffed by white papers, case studies as well as fancy Board of Directors and Advisers, few of them will actually help you grow your business.

It’s not about being the cool kid/start up on the block when a Fortune 50-100 company has problems across divisions, balance sheets, profit and loss across an entire company or just a product.

It’s about combining forces, looking long term, using real experience, being fair and realizing this is a bigger issue than just one superhero…that’s why the Justice League created the Hall of Justice.


It’s my birthday today, one some would call a milestone because I turned 40.

A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy.
Abhishek Bachchan

Well as per one of my older birthday posts (Which I think I took down because it was very personal and kind of named names,) I never left my youth…I am not thank goodness a “real adult,” nor will I ever be.

There are pros and cons to this, being an entrepreneur has allowed me a lot of freedom over the years…funny how now it makes me feel a bit imprisoned.

I have a horrible memory when it comes to my personal life it is so selective on its own it drives me crazy sometimes.

However when a birthday or holiday or event comes up I am able to then look back at that same event during a different period of time and remember it well. Last year was quite different and I was very free and very protected whereas this year I feel less free and more vulnerable.

Not such a bad thing but add that to sometimes being an entrepreneur on those days you feel like you are standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert and it’s only you with nothing around, nobody and a chance you may not make it out. Well then it can be a bit scary!

Vulnerability links to many good things like trust, honesty, a soft heart and kindness to others some of which comes from fear that how we treat others completely affects how others treat us. A good fear to have in this case.

In this world of business all of the above are what it takes to keep long term and profitable relationships, but let us not forget or rather I not forget there is a time to play chess, to be shrewd, to say NO and to get a deal at any costs.

I am babbling here I am aware but it’s my birthday and I can babble if I want to.

As for work it’s the show, I am an actor that goes in to play the role of a CEO and consultant to businesses. As for life I am hoping it’s not such a show and I am able to be me and take the costume off more and more.



My friend James who is a very successful writer once said to me when you want to write something and get stuck start in the middle…so maybe this a better read if you start in the middle.

Want to play some business chess let me know? 😉

Have a great day,


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Does Any of It Make Sense Yet?

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“Does what make sense”, you may ask…the real important things that actually affect not only our personal lives, but our work lives as well.

The list I have put together is a combination of emotions, lessons, and advice from my caring mentors i.e. best friends.

So here it goes, although I am not sure if they are in a prioritized order, but I don’t think it matters…at least not to me.


post 2

  1. LIFE – let’s start with the big one that is ever changing and challenging. Our lives go from great successes to the feeling of a boxer in the ring, constantly taking punches in the corner! Although who is not to say we deserve both when they arrive? How do we handle this? I can only answer for myself and I’d like to tell the total truth here- sometimes I go out with friends to celebrate and sometimes I go by myself to take it all in and think. This “ritual” is for the good times and the bad. When I say go out it could mean a bar, a lounge, a walk in the park, a movie or a long ride in the car (sometimes very fast). These are my ways, what are yours?
  2. LOVE – passion for your work and personal life that leads to the love of a person or ability is sometimes very hard to understand, and so is not getting too embraced in until the time is right.But what does “when the time is right” even mean? Close people to me (which is not too many) have always recognized I am one to wear my heart on my sleeve, as well put all I have from my heart for a project. There are positives and negatives with this way of life. Oh what are they you ask? Well my heart on my sleeve is quite visible, which is when my emotional walls go down and there is a chance this will create a target to shoot versus a trait to appreciate. In work we have all heard the phrase “Passion can ruin Profit”. Well I disagree that it makes you great and allows the people involved to know you care, that the positive part. The negative I am not open to be taken advantage of.

3. TRUST – In the immortal words of Jay Z, “My balls and my word is all I have”. This is very true for me personally, because I started so young in a business that was run by a much bigger business and trained executives, which I had a lot to prove too. So I decided to sum it up to I will deliver on my words, I will be known as the company and CEO that always delivers with truth, hard work and skin in the game. To this day it has proven a wise choice, although I must say things have changed a lot and transparency has been redefined in my opinion too, as transparent as possible. Trust is an all-in thing, you cannot be a little pregnant! Trust is also repaid trust someone and you will be trusted back by the right people, but do be careful there are a lot of sheep’s in wolves clothing as well there a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

4. LOYALTY – much like trust it can be seen from great distance with little sight and creates a phenomenal reputation. The question that I ask myself is “who should I be loyal to?” First off I know it’s myself, because if I am not loyal to myself, so I will find it quite impossible to be loyal to others. Loyalty, like all the other points mentioned in this post, can also be dangerous as we could find out sooner or later we have been loyal to the wrong person, company, project or idea. So how do we decide this? Risk! Please understand this risk is just part of the risks we take and I mention to achieve a better more self-understanding life.

5. Honesty – I will make this simple first and then elaborate a bit- don’t lie if you don’t want to be lied to! Wake up in the morning, look into your own eyes in the mirror and ask yourself; “have I mastered or am I mastering honesty so powerfully to myself that it is impossible to not be honest to others?” Real people that you meet will connect with you and will appreciate your honesty, whether it is directly to you or in their own time, but they will show gratefulness for your honesty. You made someone grateful, WELL DONE!

6. SPIRITUALITY – call into the Universe any name you choose, and I am sure it will answer you back in some shape or form. Find in yourself the ability to believe in something greater. I find if I think of aliens or humans, I am not sure which I am and which ones I walk amongst. What I do know is that if I think that everyone on Earth is the bee’s knees…we are SCREWED. Therefore I must hope that there is a greater spirit, in a greater universe that produces more kind and gentle people- versus a world that I have found to do the opposite, as well as thrive on fear across the Globe.

7. YOUR DAILY PRACTICE – your body, your mind and your spirit need a lot of help from you. There is no way that all 3 of these things can accomplish this better life without you. For me it all started with The Daily Practice, by James Altucher. Then the rest of his books like “The Power of No”, by James Altucher & Claudia Azula Altucher, as well as “Choose Yourself”, also by James Altucher. His books, as well as his recommended reading list, have helped me wake up a lot of days to a smile, to being grateful, to exercise and these days are the good ones. However I am only human and it’s hard to stick to this some days. Don’t regret the day you don’t, but look forward to the next day and starting again.

8. STAYING POSITIVE – this is a summary of my entire post. It’s not easy to fight through the noise, the bad news they want us to hear and the rules we have been trained on as kids. It’s really hard for me personally to not take many things at work personally and not let them effect my personal life. I will admit that the times I have achieved this, I had someone in my life to go to for love, a hug and a simple “it’s all going to be OK”. With that right person in your life it can be just that simple. It’s not easy alone and the times it is, well unfortunately they do end.

9. SMILE – smile at someone, and 9 times out of 10 they will smile back at you. This creates a good feeling for you and that other person. Smile as much as you can, it flows from your face right through your body and creates a feeling of safety, warmth, trust… and well all the other 8 points I mention.

All of this takes risk for the hope of reward, OH YEAH HOPE I forgot about that one so let’s make it real short but no less important, WE ALL NEED HOPE!

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself”  – Bill Gates

Can You Put Yesterday Behind You?

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Yesterday was a weird day for me the universe presented many challenges, my schedule was all over the road and my evening plans to relax had to be cancelled last minute.

I have been working on building an aggregation of mobile media for my company with partners and data owners, so I can segment at more precise levels of consumer behavior across mobile and desktop and provide the right collaboration of brand and direct response.

Yesterday that went well and I have isolated as well as contacted at least 60% of the media I need to put this project together.

Every Tuesday I have a few standing calls with clients and companies I advise for, so usually Tuesday is pretty structured…not yesterday! Our largest client is 2 weeks away from launching a product we have worked 2 years on so now it’s down to the wire time and we had to have at least 4 calls throughout the day.

No problem they are a client so we must do whatever it takes to make sure Gocella and the client are successful. Always do what the client needs and if you are not prepared for what they need then figure it out, get advice Google like crazy to find what you need.

Once my dinner plans were changed I went back into work mode and spent time replying to more emails, texting with my CPO and helping out one of my best friends with a family problem that I have had experience with and was able to reach out to a friend for additional help.

So once this was all done I decided I need some sweets so I indulged in some Italian desserts, which was too much sugar too late at night which kept me awake and worrying about well…well everything.

Yesterday was not a “bad day” it was a long day that I needed to adapt by the hour to changes that were coming in my schedule and my action items originally planned.

When I woke up this morning I really didn’t feel like exercising so I didn’t which is such an important part of my Daily Practice and the best way to prepare for my day…bad start.

Why? Because I was still thinking about and feeling the emotions of yesterday…yesterday is gone! It’s not relevant to my day today and days ahead but it’s gone and I have to start today fresh no matter what happened yesterday.

Yesterday is the past, today is the now and tomorrow is not here yet.

If I don’t get myself in the now today…I will not be working and living at optimal performance and that is not helpful to myself, my company and my clients.

What advice do you have to put yesterday behind us?

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

I say and hear this from my fellow entrepreneurs and committed workaholics quite often and we all believe it’s true even better we believe it’s true right in the midst of a cold or flu…no matter how bad the symptoms are.

BUT last week wow I was and am still a bit sick and it sucks and why did it happen, what caused these stages of symptoms to run through my body and basically kick my ass for the past 5 days?

I mean really kick my ass it was like food poisoning X 10 I pulled muscles in my throat and entire upper body just from puking so much for 4 days. I had a client dinner one night with my favorite as well as largest client so I pulled it together for the dinner came home and just continued puking but for those 3 hours of dinner I had to go into Superhero mode and wanted to (a lot of people would have cancelled, that’s a luxury that doesn’t come with this job).

Even some real Superheroes that were sick and couldn’t go out to save the world came back after healing to win:

1. Superman

2. Batman

3. Spiderman

One of my all time favorite examples of an entrepreneur being sick and still fighting on is Pete Sampras at the US Open in 1996 when he was throwing up his intestines in the middle of match against Alex Corretja in the 5th set and they were going to disqualify him…he pulled it together and HE WON!

1996 Sampras Video Clip 

(Yes I do believe athletes are entrepreneurs as well, we can talk about that in another post)

He used mind over matter and the passion of his moment he was in to switch into Superhero mode. At the end of the Open the entire world was cheering but Pete he probably didn’t even realize nor did he care what he just accomplished HE WAS SICK! He just wanted to go home and puke more and sleep and when that was over he would be able to sit back and realize what a champion he became that day.

Since I started being an entrepreneur at 19 I believed and still do sometimes it is mind over matter and I can mentally beat whatever illness I have, get my work done, make that dinner appointment and all is normal. Of course not considering the people everywhere I go that I am possibly infecting with a deadly virus (well it can feel deadly) and then they are infecting others and even worse their wife/husband and kids.

Way to go Brian you are so considerate you just possibly killed a small percentage of the population of NYC or wherever it is I am traveling to. Oops sorry…I NEVER get sick!

I remember around 2001 (I am horrible with tracking time) I was sick in a few ways, I was also scared really scared of the real world so I took a 3 month break from work, I had been going nonstop for 6 years to build the company…I was tired. I decided I would travel the world a bit, I would start dating again, and I was going to work on my foundation more. You know what I did, I stayed in my house for about 95% of the time and thought about everything in my life too much that I felt I screwed up in some way or just could have handled differently…total waste of time.

What pulled me out of this? Well for years I would tell people I didn’t have a choice I was called in for a meeting with one of the biggest record label owners in the world that I was trying to get as a client and I had to be at the meeting in 2 days…2 days I thought oh no I look like I a mess I need a month but well his ego was not hearing that so I had NO choice.

I realize now I could have said NO, you always have a choice and he didn’t pay his bills anyway so I actually lost money working with him, but I was back and ready to work. I went to my office, sat at my desk, read some reports and called a full staff meeting I was ready again and I wasn’t scared. After all what was there to be afraid of, to this day I have no idea except stuff I would make up or just think the worst possible outcome for. I was exhausted and making myself sick.

There are major diseases I will not consider/include in this but when it comes to a cold, flu, exhaustion or depression it’s a message from our mind and body to take it easy, what does it mean to take it easy:

-Get some sleep (try for 8 hours a night)

-Surrender to your body and rest, it is telling you it needs it, take a day off!

-Put an Auto-Responder on – I AM SICK! As the subject line

-Take a lot of deep breaths throughout the a day

-If you’re like me call your Mom : ) always makes me feel better

– Don’t drink alcohol or drink as little of it as possible

– Drink lots of tea and water

I have learned 99% of what I do now to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit from the help of my friend James Altucher and his creation of “The Daily Practice,” I have made additions and iterations to it for myself, you can do the same but do follow the key recommendations and concepts for optimal performance of self.

The Daily Practice By James Altucher

So I will leave you with this advice that you will not take from me so…LISTEN to your body and mind when they come together to send a message to you. I know you will take their advice because they know what is best for you.

We all get sick and tired and need a break and we get stronger from it, it’s not a sign of weakness and you will not be less of a Superhero by resting a few days you will be a better and stronger one for it!

brice Twitter | brice Trending

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@getbrice Twitter Trending

brice Twitter | brice Trending.


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Social Media as we all know is a fire hose of content moving at lightning speed. Yes there are 3 party applications now to filter better and find what you are looking for…however it’s content that is prepackaged for you based on some analytics but at this point in the game still mostly assumptions.

Personal use is quite different from business use but on both sides I feel the providers of content, promotions and rich media are not responding to a true 1 to 1 consumer need.

I use to manage my posts on all SocNet and I love it, awesome product! I started the optimization over a year ago letting BufferApp optimize for me, recently an infographic on updates to most optimal times to post and how and blah blah was sent to me…so I changed my setting based upon the “statistics” of the report.

TOTALLY KILLED MY ENGAGEMENT – I went one week and watched all my engagement drop, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ you name it. Also keep in mind I used a combination of my personal social as well as business.

The big boys have problems with reach and engagement and they know that, the 1 to Many model is cluttered and beat up, i.e. the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook in my opinion. At my company this is a white board daily only we are looking at SocNet and making comparisons to traditional media plus new.

What we have found is we have to empower the consumer with choice, personalize it and have the most relevant content.

Yes sounds very familiar I know however we have combined SMS, Voice, IVR, and SocNet to communicate so we are not optimizing ad conversion or aggregate engagement we are optimizing 1 to 1 communications and using individual data to help the consumer make decisions and gather the right content the way they want to consume in as well as respond to it.

Content to me is a big word I basically see it as everything so it could be news to promotions to alerts and help. The secret sauce is delivery and optimization.

Here is a good example from my friend, investor and board member James Altucher:

How To Get An MBA From Eminem


With all that said I was inspired from my friend Brandon Pindulic when he sent me this article by Aaron Ginn 3 Distribution Channels to bet on for 2015

Number 1 means a lot to Gocella and what the world will see from us in the very upcoming future as a company and a form of communications that’s agnostic to media and empowered by the consumer’s preferences and choices…they are different.

“Text messaging has grown into the largest social network in the world.” Aaron Ginn

June 19, 2014

This morning as I read and shared my research to start the day I read this article on Mashable:

Serious lack of content, there has to a portal with serious security where ideas can come from anywhere and agencies, studios, production, product placement, etc etc

Problem: “We are so desperate for shitty content that we are looking to reboot bad TV shows to save the entertainment industry.”
“So I have a better idea: THE PORTAL IDEA”
Philosophy & Theory: I believe there are good to even great ideas out there that are not heard because it’s not the idea of so and so or this company or this agency. Somebody get those ideas because I don’t want Mr. Rogers anymore and the children deserve more engaging and smarter content. It’s a new world.

The Portal Idea:

Serious lack of content, there has to a portal with serious security where ideas can come from anywhere and agencies, studios, production, product placement, etc etc.

Solution Idea: Now Back to The Portal Idea

Business Product Revenue:

– Businesses would pay for a seat on the software with packages for access to certain or all content. (Similar to a RGU models but not as expensive of course. Seat charges, search charges, content type)

– User Product Revenue: (although I like free of costs and share in profits)

– Users free with upgrades that are really cheap and the large clients (businesses the company has)

Company Revenue Generating Model from User & Business

– Company gets a commission off every deal done through the application. (Yes this ups the tech work but it’s where the money is at!)

Text/Ideas – briefs, journalists, copywriters,
(all coming from independent individuals)

I know there is this does this and this company does this but seriously I think (with no research at all this is unique).

Investor Target & Client: (The Win…Win)

Music labels should invest (publishing & bands and brands side)
Publishing companies – Hearst, Conde
TV – studio and network side
Product Placement companies
Tech Investors that are in the space

This could be funded low by partnering with a tech company that has a platform that can be tweaked if needed. So the tech side…low.

Seed Round for development final product though not MVP (web & app, Droid & OS)

A Round for beta, alpha and quietly go to market

B Round for go to market

(These rounds should be fast like over 2 years, sorry I haven’t thought through valuation, but hey what the money wants will start to dictate that)

MVC: I would use ember, just my personal preference and we use it at Gocella…I’m a fan


Profile building has to be seamless and UI has to be super slick

Business side has to really easy to use and inspire people to use it with utilization mechanisms (example: business clients set up profiles per seat or one for the main types of content they are interested in and company alerts them when content that meets those guidelines is updated or something like this).

Data has to be tagged by the user to match our criteria to client

In a nutshell LnkedIn + Facebook + Sound Cloud is the design I would think of #1 and #2 most engaged platforms and one used for businesses as well as #3 that gives the company ideas on sharing, content organization etc

All 3 could be partners.

Well there is an idea I had this morning with no research so take it easy on me hahaha

Have a great day!

My heart skips a beat then causes knots in my stomach
My mind races and takes from me the energy I need to succeed
My hands shake more than before as I notice how much you balanced me
You held my hand

My body feels weak as it remembers who I no longer am and can no longer embrace
No lie yes my pride is hurt but I have little pride to open up to  you and just be me
I made mistakes, we made mistakes but I know I need and want to change to be your B
And I know how much you love me

My days are really hard to understand what do I do, where do I go and who can I give my happy energy to
I get lost in the moments of you being so sweet so supportive and the moments  of seeing you’re gorgeous smile, feeling your warmth and being best friends

The future I envisioned is now missing from my vision, remember I said I want to spend as much of life with you as I can! The small things the big things you have done  to support me, love me and bring me such joy all the worries would dissipate

I know what my errors were and how they continued after promises they wouldn’t. I am human as you are and we often would act or do similar things. We are a lot the same, come on we both cover our eyes during the gruesome parts of moves and TV.

No woman can compare or make me feel how important it was to have you as my girlfriend…an honor actually. I zone out on our super fun days from doing nothing to a beach far away. Then you started beating me in bowling it was still fun and our thing.

I have after searching no happier feeling than making you happy and excel in life. I want to see you fly and reach all the things you thought you couldn’t because I know you cam.

But yes love I am sad, I have to wake up without you and rush to start my day so I don’t stay in bed

They always say time will make these feelings pass. So is it wrong of me to not want them to pass, to not want to love anyone but you?

So maybe it’s you that needs to teach and help me, I’ve spent much time asking everyone but only you know. Or do I?

You know who you are and my wish is we don’t lose each other when finding each other was hard enough.