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Posted: July 1, 2015 in Posts

It’s not all moving as fast as we think…

How can we listen anymore it all sounds the same, are you and your team ready to dig…because from services to data you have to get your hands dirty. I hope so but there is a ton of clutter not worth digging through…a total waste of time actually.

My hands have been dirty for 15 plus years and with all the new technology I am still digging in the same dirt…this is not a bad thing.

It means to me there has been more evolution of traditional practices than innovation and new services over the course of this time in the world of B2C marketing…as well as B2B.

I expected this to be in my favor and allow me to grow my new company faster than my last however this has only been partially the case, the other part is there is a lot more noise I am always trying to avoid or at least help companies block out.

When it comes to data there will always be tons of redundancy and reselling, so where is the data really located, managed, segmented and used properly for branding, engagement, retention and acquisition.

There right there is a line “branding, engagement, retention and acquisition” that so many companies use in collateral…including mine.

I remember in the Dark Knight the second film in the trilogy there were random vigilantes trying to be Batman, he saved and advised them a hockey suit just isn’t going to cut it against Gotham’s villains.

So where is the real Batman? He is out there, in the darkness waiting to be needed, he needs to be needed!



The challenge he and Gotham have faced over the years…is he really there to help or is he part of the problem or worse is it all a selfish vendetta to deal with the loss of his parents and releasing that anger.

Valuation versus Revenue and Profits!

What am I trying to say by using this example?

Well one I look for any opportunity to use Batman in a blog post and two because there are a lot of look-a-likes out there and their agendas in my opinion can’t be too grow a client, the experience isn’t there to understand what that even means not to mention the incredibly tough emphasis on valuations.

Snapchat is following in the footsteps of many successful app and B2C product companies and that is hiring from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. The combination of these senior executives with young entrepreneurs has worked in the past and will continue to work.

This problem has not been amplified in the B2B start-up sector (yet) because the world is 90% plus focused on B2C services, products, apps etc. and new technology in consumer mobile, the generation working on this is the right generation they grew up on these devices and relationships via these apps.

I am not going to get into valuations, Mark Cuban does that much better than I can with his blog post here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The marketing world needs to be more agile, more ready and a lot less handcuffed by white papers, case studies as well as fancy Board of Directors and Advisers, few of them will actually help you grow your business.

It’s not about being the cool kid/start up on the block when a Fortune 50-100 company has problems across divisions, balance sheets, profit and loss across an entire company or just a product.

It’s about combining forces, looking long term, using real experience, being fair and realizing this is a bigger issue than just one superhero…that’s why the Justice League created the Hall of Justice.


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