Do You Want To Transform Yourself?

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Posts

There is a great book I was given by a member of the analytics team of one of my clients that has 64 short stories, parable like if you will titled:

“How full is your cup?” by JM Sampath. Best Seller List 2012 – Malaysia


It is written and illustrated like that of a children’s book but yet delivers content that inspired me to think about how I handle both personal and business problems, solutions, tactics, accomplishments and failures as well and just as important if not more how I react to it all.

A story that I felt should be shared is page 47 “The Transformation,” which is the story of an Eagle’s transformation process…which I was not aware of.

In the book this story is being told by two people remembering it from when there Grandmother had told it to them.”Eagles enjoy a life of nearly 70 years. But this gift of a long life has not been bestowed upon them; it is a choice they have to make!”

So when an Eagle turns about 40 years old their beaks have grown old and curved, their claws have hardened and their feathers heavy and bulky. If they continue this way they cannot catch prey and will soon DIE!

However if they want to extend their lives, Eagles have a CHOICE to make, by making this CHOICE they will undergo great pain to complete a TRANSFORMATION that will make them live longer…another 30 years or even more.

So the transformation process is (for those that don’t know) is:The Eagles have to fly to the top of a mountain, a mountain that will be their home for the next 5 months.

  • The most painful part of these months is when they have to hit their beaks against the hard rocks until they fall and a new one appears.
  • Now with their new beak they will pull out their old nails and wait for new ones to grow…Patience!
  • The new nails now help them weed out their old feathers.
  • They have TRANSFORMED with a renewed strength and they get to live again.

    We all go through periods in life where we need a “Fresh Start,” the feeling of being recharged and having new found super powers from our experiences, mistakes, successes and heart breaks.

    If this was the option for us to receive that “Fresh Start”…would we climb to that mountain top and start such a process, one that will teach us greater endurance, patience, gratitude and overall strength like that of the Eagle?

    Me well I would have to get over my fear of heights first, ah now I have just realized part of my transformation is eliminating a fear I have.

    Each day is a new day yes but each day is a part in some way, shape or form of the last and the next so we can take a step towards our own Personalized Transformation…maybe a bit less painful as well.

Let’s keep transforming ourselves and flying!


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