Can You Put Yesterday Behind You?

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Posts

Yesterday was a weird day for me the universe presented many challenges, my schedule was all over the road and my evening plans to relax had to be cancelled last minute.

I have been working on building an aggregation of mobile media for my company with partners and data owners, so I can segment at more precise levels of consumer behavior across mobile and desktop and provide the right collaboration of brand and direct response.

Yesterday that went well and I have isolated as well as contacted at least 60% of the media I need to put this project together.

Every Tuesday I have a few standing calls with clients and companies I advise for, so usually Tuesday is pretty structured…not yesterday! Our largest client is 2 weeks away from launching a product we have worked 2 years on so now it’s down to the wire time and we had to have at least 4 calls throughout the day.

No problem they are a client so we must do whatever it takes to make sure Gocella and the client are successful. Always do what the client needs and if you are not prepared for what they need then figure it out, get advice Google like crazy to find what you need.

Once my dinner plans were changed I went back into work mode and spent time replying to more emails, texting with my CPO and helping out one of my best friends with a family problem that I have had experience with and was able to reach out to a friend for additional help.

So once this was all done I decided I need some sweets so I indulged in some Italian desserts, which was too much sugar too late at night which kept me awake and worrying about well…well everything.

Yesterday was not a “bad day” it was a long day that I needed to adapt by the hour to changes that were coming in my schedule and my action items originally planned.

When I woke up this morning I really didn’t feel like exercising so I didn’t which is such an important part of my Daily Practice and the best way to prepare for my day…bad start.

Why? Because I was still thinking about and feeling the emotions of yesterday…yesterday is gone! It’s not relevant to my day today and days ahead but it’s gone and I have to start today fresh no matter what happened yesterday.

Yesterday is the past, today is the now and tomorrow is not here yet.

If I don’t get myself in the now today…I will not be working and living at optimal performance and that is not helpful to myself, my company and my clients.

What advice do you have to put yesterday behind us?

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

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