I’m Alright..a Nod. Relationships & Gestures

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Posts

There is the very final and for awhile controversial scene at the end of Dark Night Rises, when Alfred sees Bruce at the cafe discussed from the beginning of the film that Alfred vacations to.There is the “nod” the nod that was a lifetime for them of going their separate ways but knowing they are alright.



As I hit my 20 year mark of 100% entrepreneur life I have a lot to reflect on, many scars and now I see the picture is bigger than I thought and it’s one thing to grow revenue and put together rounds there is that down and dirty work especially when your company is really good at working but not effective in raising money which now I see is not as negative as I thought. But now you can help, when there is more to the idea that a bigger team can help with can enhance goals with and even work to change the world.



Anyway this nod comes from before my time in the Wild West it was a tip of the hat. But over the years working with different people in companies as well as other entrepreneurs and in the data business since I have been in it, the client can be the vendor and the vendor can be the client so it truly is a partner based business model…my point you become friends with your relationship contacts to better your companies goals and for me make friends over the years with many as your work really is your life.

That nod in NYC was always a kind of “it’s all good” to even a stranger on the street as you passed each other, respect of gentleman or understanding in some way.

jay z


We have to value this holistic approach at least I have to because when I look around so many of my friends, mentors, advisers etc have become my best friends and they have helped me over the years make partnerships and learn to create them as well. Thank you. It’s not always been easy nor will it be. It’s those challenges we need.

I have become a “Sunday Sauce” of these relationships because I have been able to mix them together with who I have been becoming in business and overall life and be this combination of styles, personalities, understanding and architecture.

Some friends are only friends for so long and some much longer and some become like they were a childhood friend. That’s life though a lot of it is in passing just a nod, even if maybe things didn’t go so great or just as planned a nod.

Most of us have shared ups and downs within business markets and needed to support each other to keep the partnerships and the data flowing things are not always so Peachy!



I am not sure where this post came from I was working on trying to get Iphoto to stop deleting my old photos and was thinking I need the Perfect Laptop a little bit of a Chrome Book meets some Mac with some Windows 7 of course complete office native working like it does so much better on PC.

I guess since everything is more digital now there must be a digital nod that says I know where you are at and no matter what I Am Glad To See You Are Alright! 
The nod of understanding needs to be global so that  borders can be crossed and lives can together grow, to be global is truly that then a World Undivided with a simple core belief, a respect a nod! 

Keep in mind it really says, hey all good but I hear you dude and you are not alone.

So back to my laptop I would like it if someone could build this idea I have…really needs to be exact to  my specifications…

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