When Do We Ever Really Graduate? Never maybe…

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Posts

Lazlo took forever to Graduate and win the grand prizes he sought after and hacked  in life!

Lazlo 2

So I sort of made it past high school but have been very lucky to have owned and partnered with smart companies…the technical term for people. Please keep this in mind as some of this post might not even be using the right academic terminology but you will get the gist!

Also keep in mind when you’re an entrepreneur real life support is needed and very hard to find I’ve been blessed with that as well along the way friends and family. We do lose some of them along the way, I have! It can be a painful journey even when you are at the top of your game.

Yes yes we read books, we go to seminars, we google away we can find anything we want to learn about and for those in the data class we use tools and many of them quite expensive to research humanly the analytics with machine…but I hear college is very expensive too!

So I have little experience in the college part but will say that my right friends that are also mentors (my homies and they know who they are) most of them are super educated…together we worked and I studied my ass off enough to be able to keep up with them, learn from them and even hire people like them.

Then it was game on I worked with my professors everyday to win and build business.  These are real friends they never judged my background rather they appreciated and respected my “street experience.”  Thank you all!

I’ve definitely taken quite a few finance classes, thank goodness for QuickBooks (really not to many other options over the years although  there are more start ups coming in this space) but for about 20 years that software has been a part of my finance class. Every time they make a change or enhancement a meeting to research whether or not we should upgrade or use it is needed etc…I’m learning, getting a credit or something like that in finance here.

This happens across so many parts of my life and work as I am sure in yours as well.
So I just switched my Masters to Listening! 40 years old and still in school and now adding a new Masters Degree.

After all these years of slicing and dicing and mixing and matching and breaking and building of data and my career…new data keeps coming and I need to keep learning.

Now we have this amazing social listening ability so I’m adding this Masters to the data analytics Masters program I’ve been in all 20 years of my work life.

Recently I needed to add new and unique services for companies, increase tech and data partners create new collateral, nail some case studies from the sampling and staging and sampling and staging then go to market because I added a Masters that will enhance my products/services.

So at this rate from a work perspective and especially life I feel like I am never going to GRADUATE, this is AWESOME I will get to hang out with new students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds with so many perspectives and plans and passion and we can learn from each other.

So I get to be Lazlo, my favorite character in Real Genius, the only character in the cast with a character name playing the actor himself.

Jon Gries  – Lazlo Hollyfield (as Jonathan Gries) Real Genius Cast IMDB

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