What I’ve Done Wrong Along the Way…

Posted: September 4, 2015 in Posts

This post is like sharing parts of my daily anxiety but yet as well and more importantly how I omit these errors to get the next one right!

First off just the title of this blog post makes it seem like it’s going to be a long read, but I would need days of your time reading about really stupid, boring irrelevant stuff.
But there are some things I think about that I realize recently are what have made me pretty good at what I do (which at times is even complicated to explain) but if you read anything about me or that I’ve posted or even care to know it’s all around data.

19 years of data, I remember in 1998 telling my business partner they don’t even get what they’re buying and building, companies will be able to to to banks and borrow money on data audiences and segments and the goals they create.

Anyway so what I’ve done wrong…I don’t even know all the things there could have been one day alone I did over 100 things wrong, but there is this handful or maybe 10 handfuls of things that just pop into my mind sometimes.

You know the ones that give you the chill up your spine and what feels like an electrical shock, they make me wish I had that time machine, or the worse the ones that it’s like you’re right there in that moment again embarrassed maybe, foot in your mouth, in fear of the outcome, etc.


I have made many mistakes that I’m really proud of too, they changed and saved my lives and the lives of the people that have relied on me. I’m combining my business and personal life into this post.

I’m sure today alone I will make some good mistakes and some bad ones and I may not know for an hour to who knows when which are which but they are both going to be made with the intention of learning, becoming, better, stronger, faster and more honest with myself.

Look at history alone and we can find tremendous world changing examples of mistakes being both really bad at times and as well really really good.
Well I’m going to go make some mistakes and I see how I and others benefit from them because that’s the goal.

In time I will elaborate on certain ones that I feel may help others make less of the bad ones and more of the good ones, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 19 years I got a lot of both thank God!

So maybe my next post is “Here is what I did wrong this time…”

Have a great day and go make some mistakes…that way you can accomplish some goals.

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