My Birth Anniversary

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Posts

I don’t work on my birthday it’s an entrepreneur rule I created, we fight the fight every day, we work like we are at war in a jungle, we take risks not many would take, we tax our family and friends for so much support as we ride the roller coaster but on this day we as entrepreneurs have the ability/power to say…”Not today!”

So today I celebrate the 13th anniversary of my 25th birthday, I chose this year for a few reasons but mainly because as a young business owner it was the year I got really lucky and started being “successful” by working for myself and having that freedom. I was able to have fun and work and have fun working that feeling has not left since so that is my year forever.

Where and how I grew up birthdays are meant to be a special day for immediate family and the friends that are fam.

It’s the day and night you spend with the ones you trust the most, that would do anything for you and you would do anything for. I have a few brothers from other mothers and some people that have been there for me through the best and worst of times.

As I get older of course I have spent my birthday with significant others but it was always planned around when I would be with the “fam” first. It’s out of respect and acknowledgement that we go through this life meeting many people and sometimes acquaintances become friends but the history is not there and the feeling of…yo I would do anything for this clique I am with today.

Sure we get older and wives and children must come first but they know how we feel and what it means to us to share our day together sometimes because of responsibilities of being “adults” this becomes more challenging but that challenge allows us to show each other how we still hold this ritual of respect dear to our hearts.

This year I decided to spend my day/night with someone new in my life that I know cares, it took much thought and a little concern mainly because it was my way of showing how much I cared and that I felt this person was part of that special trust we only share with a small few in life so that we always know who in our lives means the most and we should commit more of our good intentions, time and actions to. It is important to realize when it’s time to open up to someone who has earned our trust and whose trust we have earned.

It’s all good! I really thought this through well and I am psyched because the effort and care is evident and mutual so I look forward to the fun, the moment and the memory.

I question some stuff on the morning of for the sake of self-reflection and maturation of myself so that I may learn from my mistakes, enjoy my life, wear my heart on my sleeve bravely and work to be a better human (or alien not sure yet) and to enjoy the ones that with their heart live in my life.

May I not get too self-involved during hard times, may I never forget those who stay by my side and most important let me thank all old and new so they know I am grateful for all that share their heart with me and their trust we shall take care of each no matter what in this life.

To all celebrate you on your birthday and be grateful to those that aid in that celebration from their hearts, keep the circle small and save parts of you for a few that deserve more of you than random people that pass through our lives, trust me this means a lot.

“Fear not when, fear not why, fear not much while we’re alive Life is for living, not living up tight, see ya somewhere up in the sky…” Jay Z – Forever Young



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