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Sometimes I really feel like I am losing my mind whether it’s based upon my decision making process, being locked away to long working on UEX or analytical media planning, or making the right decisions to grow my companies and my investments.

I doubt I am alone, in fact I know this as I have met with many patients and doctors as well I reference Eminem’s Talkin’ T Myself.

I have been “working” with frontal lobe damage since I was a teen, at times in my career since 18 I have thought wow this is the gift and the curse, and this is my uniqueness, my edge. Other times I felt the need to hide in my home or retreat to a far off place to hide from responsibilities I wasn’t at the times prepared for but was the most monumental to an entrepreneur. And at other times I hid from mirrors because I felt I lost touch with the me outside of my work. This I learned happens to quite a bit of business owners that started careers so young, never went to college, or had to help support a lot more than themselves either spiritually or financially.

Most importantly each time I hit the “edge” I found my real friends, the people that really cared, I hit goals I never dreamed possible for me, and I was able to seek advice from smart caring doctors (traditional and nontraditional) that made sure I knew I was not alone. Unfortunately some of those times I was to close to the “edge” and really needed to take a break for mental and physical health reasons.
Now at 36 and making major changes to my businesses and what I do for business I realize I am able to do more and help more largely due to the scary relationship between me and my brain. However there are so many days I need to remember I am not alone.

I have made it quite evident I am a hip hop fan since I was 10 years old (NYC baby) and Eminem is some music that also has really helped me realize I am not alone in these issues and yes they are issues that can be used for the greater good of myself and others. So I added a song I listen to often (especially on the drive into the office).

There is so much more behind all of the above but well the reason I am posting this is I met a new friend digitally and now outside of the digital space. He and his writings have helped me so much and meeting him happened honestly because of a conversation in G+.

It was awesome to know he was such a real person, his writings were sincere, honest, and his intentions are whole hearted. You know who you are sir…Thank you my man!

Beautiful life is around all of us and inside all of us finding it can be stressful, painful, and scary BUT each time we find that beauty we reach new levels of self that are so positive and so humbling.

Beauty can be and is defined differently by each of us but either way we define it NEVER stop seeking it out and attempting to create that Beauty!

I originally posted this on another blog on April 28, 2011, I believe right now Google + is in the top running for this title but it’s just too early to tell. But I will keep you posted and I recommend trying g+ if you haven’t already…it’s different.

It ALL starts with an idea…

Back in March, like most, I was constantly checking the news to read about the tsunami in Japan.  It is a tragic situation and a harsh reminder of the fragility of life.

Amidst the daily accounts of the increasing death toll, unaccounted persons list and the grave dangers of nuclear meltdown, a story ran about AFLAC terminating its relationship with Gilbert Gottfried based on tweets that he made regarding the disaster. I found it interesting that so much media attention was placed on this rather than the true tragedy at hand.  That being the case, I generated an idea for AFLAC and reached out to a friend who has had prior business dealings with them.

“Howard I have an idea for Aflac! Have you read the news about Gilbert    Gottfried?”

I went on to explain to Howard that I felt this was the perfect opportunity for AFLAC to have a contest to determine who should be the next voice of the AFLAC duck.  AFLAC, in my opinion, has always seemed to face challenges in the education of consumers of the wide scope of products AFLAC has to offer.  They are, undoubtedly, brilliant at clearly defining their brand but does the consumer truly know all of the products that they offer?  Here was an opportunity to take an idea and create a plan based upon consumer engagement allowing more focused messages to be sent to an audience.

The contest idea isn’t always the right idea or a good idea for a brand unless it is timed right, attached to the right content and goals, and has a plan for further engagement steps for the advertiser and the audience to enhance an existing relationship or start building a new one.

Who stole my idea? or Great Minds Like Alike

Many great marketers think alike and, shortly after my call with Howard, AFLAC announced the contest to find the new voice of the AFLAC duck.  I had just formulated this concept and discussed it with Howard and the next thing I know the idea had already been hatched.   Unfortunately, we were beaten to the punch and did not get the opportunity to work on the concept.

I am not sure how AFLAC and their agency partners were gauging the metrics for the campaign but I did read that there were 12,500 people that sent in copy for the contest and I am sure millions of impressions across all media channels.  After all the creatives were evaluated a winner was named….

It all starts with an ideafrom content, creative, audience, data, and off to planning the budget.

Present and future media is about being able to better understand and quantify an idea, its goals, and the possible results,  from that point it’s about taking that data and making it actionable so the life of the idea continues and morphs into new ideas. I

We have LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We have blogs.  We have so many communication tools and locations for everyone to have a voice and be heard. Whether someone is in an industry or just has an opinion or an idea our voices can be heard. But who is listening and are the right people listening at the right time?
I start my day early visiting my favorite blogs, reading the news, and relying on my Google Reader for new ideas. It would be great to have a place where the ideas can be placed in front of the right audience at the right time by the most likely and skilled people to the most unlikely, but interested, person or consumer.  In my opinion this is truly embracing “out of the box” strategy as well as entrepreneurial thinking for small businesses to the world’s largest brands.

Ingenuity, creativity and innovation are the prey in my daily hunt.  I share this constant yearning with many other like minded individuals and crave a place to consume and be fed this information based on my reading and searching habits.  Heck, Amazon and Netflix tell me what I would like as a consumer so why can’t their be a site to provoke and inspire creative thought for the sake of intellectual stimulation?

If such a place exists please let me know and I will apologize then for not being aware of this place I would like to go.  I may have just quoted the late Theodor Geisel but he surely would have been able to direct me.